Self Care Yourself Back to Gratitude

Here's to gratitude and abundance luvs!   I wanted to quickly wish you all well! If you are in Southern or Northern California you know the suffering our state has experienced as of recently. Whether you have been affected personally or inadvertently I want to extend my love and empathy to you and your loved … Continue reading Self Care Yourself Back to Gratitude

Taking Necessary Risk November! Overcoming Fear. Newsletter/Blog

Hey Luvs! Wow! We are in our final quarter of 2018! Holidays and transition into a new year are upon us! Can you believe how quickly things have evolved? I am so excited for what's to come. I'm equally grateful for what has come to pass and this new season of personal growth, professional creativity … Continue reading Taking Necessary Risk November! Overcoming Fear. Newsletter/Blog

Light It Up!

New Ventures! Hey Luvs! I'm so excited to introduce my new Intuitive & Practical Life Coach Certification Course and my new Light It Up! Podcast! One of my natural gifts is that of a teacher. Enroll Today! It's a privilage for me share and teach others how to coach from my twenty five + years … Continue reading Light It Up!

Surrender September! Start with Forgiveness.

  Hello there luvs! Has summer been good to you? Have you been good to yourself this summer? I can’t lie I am always sad to leave summer and enter into the fall season. The magical summer sun, longer days and warm nights.. ok really hot nights in the Conejo Valley but I appreciate the … Continue reading Surrender September! Start with Forgiveness.

Discerning Wooden Nickels: August Newsletter & Blog

Hey Luvs! How has the summer been treating you all? As we are enjoying our last summer days I have a few thoughts to share and an exciting update on my next vision board workshop!     August Events! Vision Board Workshop & Networking For Female Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders Saturday, August 25th 6:30p-9:30p … Continue reading Discerning Wooden Nickels: August Newsletter & Blog

How Are You Maximizing Your Season Of Singleness

  Tonight my pastor taught from Ephesians 5:21-33. About marriage and the distinctive roles that God designed for marriage. It was such an enlightening sermon. My son who is 14 years old even leaned over to tell me he was enjoying the service. This has been a subject that used to make me uncomfortable and … Continue reading How Are You Maximizing Your Season Of Singleness

#BeYou: #Authentically

With Christmas a few days away and nearing the end of 2017 many people are making goals and claiming what their next season in life, 2018 will be. There is nothing wrong with that. I believe in speaking life into and visualizing your ideal situation. I'm sure your social media timelines are sprinkled with post … Continue reading #BeYou: #Authentically


  If you're too your too intellectual you're going to overthink it and miss the point. If you're too therapeutic you're going to over analyze it and make it fit inside your box. If you're too free spirited you're going minimize it and it'll never take shape. If you're too philosophical you'll explain it away … Continue reading Balance

Resilience: Be A Rebel!

Being resilient; is it a personality trait? Learned behavior? Both? How do we keep getting back up after being knocked down? How does one manage to continue to try when you've experienced failure after failure after failure after failure? I often get asked how did I manage to persevere and create a descent life for … Continue reading Resilience: Be A Rebel!

There Are No What If’s

Reflecting on a younger me subjected to so much Domestic Violence which includes family violence and dating violence I think damn I'm so glad I don't look like what I've been through! Real talk right there. It's a miracle I'm not dead, or worse still stuck in the cycle of abuse. I say it's worse … Continue reading There Are No What If’s