Royalty: He Said “I was Too Good”

When he says "your too good" for him take him at his word. This is something I've heard many times from certain people and dudes that I was dating or "talking to". In response I have either laughed it off or was low key offended. Why offended? I consider myself a flawed human being like … Continue reading Royalty: He Said “I was Too Good”

Your Thinking Too Small

via Daily Prompt: Egg Snuggled and warm. You have been created for such a moment as this. Protected but soon to be on your own. How will you survive? How will you make the miraculous flight into your destiny? You don't even know in which direction the wind will guide you or what is waiting … Continue reading Your Thinking Too Small

Resilience: Be A Rebel!

Being resilient; is it a personality trait? Learned behavior? Both? How do we keep getting back up after being knocked down? How does one manage to continue to try when you've experienced failure after failure after failure after failure? I often get asked how did I manage to persevere and create a descent life for … Continue reading Resilience: Be A Rebel!

She is: The Not So Quiet Storm

So along with leaving a twenty two year long career in the mental health and social services field  and job security I've launched my Life Coaching business two months after leaving the non profit I was working for. Obviously I started blogging too! I'm telling you some things I knew would happen and then there … Continue reading She is: The Not So Quiet Storm

There Are No What If’s

Reflecting on a younger me subjected to so much Domestic Violence which includes family violence and dating violence I think damn I'm so glad I don't look like what I've been through! Real talk right there. It's a miracle I'm not dead, or worse still stuck in the cycle of abuse. I say it's worse … Continue reading There Are No What If’s

Team Work Makes The Dream Work: Parenting ADHD

My son and I have the best relationship. I'm so proud of our bond and how we work together as a team when the time calls for it. We cook together, we help each other when we see the other person is struggling be it physically or emotionally. We have issues and we bicker like … Continue reading Team Work Makes The Dream Work: Parenting ADHD

A Force To Be Reckoned With!

I remember growing up it seemed like someone was always trying to stop my shine. From surviving childhood abuse and then growing up to deal with dating violence to unfortunately being a member of the #MeToo club. It seems at every level or stage of my life there was someone or something that was trying … Continue reading A Force To Be Reckoned With!

Why Having No Coach Is Better Than Having The Wrong Coach

I once had a conversation with someone about Life Coaching and coaches in general. Sometimes I talk to people who have a hard time understanding the concept of what a Life Coach is or they dismiss it saying " I already know what to do I just haven't done it" Okay! To each is own … Continue reading Why Having No Coach Is Better Than Having The Wrong Coach

To Chill Or Nah? Why Being Still Is A Power Move

I know a few people who find it impossible to be still physically. My son; one of them he is always moving around needing to do something or go somewhere constantly. Always making some kind of noise either beat boxing or making weird noises with his hands that annoy the heck out of me. I … Continue reading To Chill Or Nah? Why Being Still Is A Power Move

The Little Girl

  I have worked hard to heal and overcome a lot of things in my life. I consider myself to be a  resilient woman of strength. In order to have become so strong means that I've been bashed and bruised many times. We all have a story. No need to cue the violin or play … Continue reading The Little Girl