Growing In Intimacy From Meeting Your Soul Mate

I want to find you, see you, feel you.     Intimacy. What a sexy word. Such an intense feeling, such a natural experience that we all crave on one level or a another. I believe there are some relationships that have higher levels of intimacy and togetherness than others. These words are my version, … Continue reading Growing In Intimacy From Meeting Your Soul Mate

Resilience: Be A Rebel!

Being resilient; is it a personality trait? Learned behavior? Both? How do we keep getting back up after being knocked down? How does one manage to continue to try when you've experienced failure after failure after failure after failure? I often get asked how did I manage to persevere and create a descent life for … Continue reading Resilience: Be A Rebel!

She is: The Not So Quiet Storm

So along with leaving a twenty two year long career in the mental health and social services field  and job security I've launched my Life Coaching business two months after leaving the non profit I was working for. Obviously I started blogging too! I'm telling you some things I knew would happen and then there … Continue reading She is: The Not So Quiet Storm

The Little Girl

  I have worked hard to heal and overcome a lot of things in my life. I consider myself to be a  resilient woman of strength. In order to have become so strong means that I've been bashed and bruised many times. We all have a story. No need to cue the violin or play … Continue reading The Little Girl